Ultra Sub Micro .5 Gram Proportional Servo

This Micro Servo was developed for Very Small Micro Size Aircraft, in the weight range of 5 – 25 Grams,
and Wing Spans of 6” – 20”.

The weight is similar to Large Magnetic Actuators, but the out put thrust is about 3 – 4 times that of an
Actuator, and much more precise.

It uses Magnetic feed back for Proportional Position Centering.

This Servo is compatible with most Servo Output Receivers with a Standard PPM out put of 1 – 2 ms.

This Servo has been developed through the efforts of Sergio Zigras & Nick Leichty.

Specifications :

Standard PPM input, 1 – 2 ms
Output travel: +/- 3mm ( 6 mm end to end )
Dimensions: 11mm x 18mm x 4mm.
Weight: 0.48 gram  to   0.52 gram
Output thrust: 10 gram Max.
Required power: 3 – 4 V (1 LiPoly  cell)
5 ma.   static
30 ma. Normal Load
60 ma. Total Stall

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