PCCOMBO Receiver

PCCombo is a 3 channel receiver that incorporates two micro-actuators, plus the on board
brushed motor ESC.   For brushless motors  applications, there is an output to drive a
brushless motor ESC which will require a brushless ESC.   The dimensions are 12mm by
20mm for the basic board plus the overhanging area of the two micro-actuators which adds
8mm more to the width at those points.  The weight is only 1.4 gram, including the two micro-
actuators and the antenna.


Will work with the Plantraco 900MHz HF900 and Monolith transmitters.

Incorporate a 2A brushed motor speed controller.

Work on a single LiPo power.

Will sync up to your transmitter and not to somebody else’s transmitter further away from
you, regardless of the channel, as long as your transmitter’s channel is clear to begin with.  
This feature eliminates the original annoying channel manipulation problem, when multiple
transmitters are present.

A single 82mm antenna provides an adequate range of about 300 feet.

Low battery detection.  On low battery detection the motor will cut off.  You can reactivate the
motor for a short time, after moving the throttle stick to off position first.

Loss Of Signal (LOS) detection.  If the transmitter’s signal is lost, the motor will cut off and
the LED will go on and stay on for the duration of the LOS condition.  The rudder/aileron will
deflect slightly to avoid model run off.  If the transmitter signal gets better, the controls will be
reactivated, including the motor control.

After power on, the receiver will sync to your transmitter and the LED will count the channel
number.  For the USA channels the LED will indicate 1 to 6 counts and for the European
channels, 7 to 9.  After that the LED goes off and stays off, unless there is a range problem
or LOS in which case the LED gets activated.

The receivers don’t have connectors or plugs.  All connections to the battery, motor,
actuators and/or servos have to be soldered in using a low-watt soldering iron.  Experience
with micro-soldering is required.