Ordering Policy & Shipping Information

In April of 2001 I started making Small Single Channel Receivers  ( a much reduced size Albin Type )  for my own use,
and then there became a great interest from many as to how they could get one.  As time went on, and Surface Mount
Components became smaller, so did my Receivers, and the need for my Receivers from other Micro R/C Fliers became

So, “Micro Flier Radio”  , a part time Business, was started in 2003 to provided the Worlds Smallest Model Radio Control
Equipment,  to those that were interested in making, “True Micro” Size R/C Planes.  ( 6” Wing Span and Smaller )

Today I have the Web Site, to show what is available; with a Picture, Size, Weight, and Cost of all the Products I now
provide. I do not have all my products on the shelf ready to go out, most everything is hand made and it takes a lot of
time. ( I do have a full time Job,  with a family to take care of, and 4 Grand Children  that love to come over )  So, please
understand why the back log at times to get out orders.This is a one man operation; Taking the Order, Processing an
Order Sheet for review, making the Parts needed, and Packing / Shipping.

Although the Pricing may seem high to some, this is not a big money making Business, you can just ask my wife,  
( It truly is a Labor of Love )

To fill out the Order Form , Kick on the Link " ORDER FORM " and Copy it , than paste it on an "E-Mail to send" ,  
Page.   Fill out the form ,  and E-Mail it to me at   (   
microflier@aol.com   )
( Or , if You just E-Mail me a list of what You need , I can fill out an Order form and E-Mail it to You to review )

To get an Order started, please Call, or send an E-Mail to me requesting the Items needed , please also send me Your
Shipping Address . Then I will provide a Completed Order with Shipping Cost , and send it to You for Review , with  
Information as  to  the  Payment  Method ,  and an Order production number. Order production Numbers are not
confirmed until payment is made. After payment is made the Order will enter the system and confirmation of the payment
will be sent out with an approximate Shipping Date.

Typically Orders are processed through-out the Week and completed on the Week End, Monday is spent Packing and
preparing the Orders for Shipping, and Tuesday the Orders are typically Shipped out.  

The policy on sales to;  Schools,  Universities, and Development Companies;
In the past I have only sold my products to individuals, and have tried to keep the pricing as low as possible so it was
some what affordable.  And did not sell to Schools, Universities, or Development Companies.

For Sales to Universities, or Development Companies where cost is not much of a problem. There is a 10% Sur-
Charge on the total, before Shipping, & Handling Cost.  I really do not make enough on these products with current
pricing, nor do I have the capability  to take on large Orders, it just takes to much of my time away from Orders to my
regular Customers & individual builders of Micro R/C Planes. Free Shipping does not apply.

Battery Sales ;
At this time I am only Shipping Single Lipoly Cells in the continental US.    ( 48 States )

For International Lipoly Cell Orders ( The Limit is 3 ) and I cannot send Lipoly Cells by them self. I will need to solder
them in to a Box with a Switch to a LED Light. It will be shipped as a Led Flashlight. When You receive it You can un-
solder the Lipoly Cells , for Your own use. The extra Charge for the Flashlight unit is $15.00 .

USA Minimum Order is $25.00. On Orders less than $25.00 ,  $10.00 will be added to the Handling Cost.
International Minimum Order is $50.00. On Orders less than $50.00 ,  $25.00 will be added to the Handling Cost.

The preferred method of payment is with Pay Pal , this is the best way to received Your Order quickly.
Money Orders are the next best . Also Personal Checks can also be used, but will cause Shipping
delays. ( Please make Checks out to:
 Nick Leichty )

The only excepted payment for International Orders is with Pay Pal  & Maximum Value must be Less than
$500.00 USD If You want the full Order Insured.

I Ship all US. Orders  USPS  Priority Mail ,  typically  takes 2 to 3 days.  ( unless other wise Specified )

USA Orders over $75.00 using a Pay Pal Address,Shipping in a Small Priority Mail Box ...S&H   is Free.

Orders with out a Transmitter  under $75.00 .................................................. .....S&H  $10.00
with a Transmitter under $200.00 .............................................................S&H  $15.00
All Orders over $200.00 using a Pay Pal Shipping Address.....S&H   Free

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING & HANDLING ;   International Orders must be less then $500.00 less S&H
First  Class  Shipping approx. 15 Days                when available                           S&H  $15.00
Priority Mail Shipping approx. 10 Days     Depending on Package Size                 S&H   $45.00 - $75.00
Priority Express Mail  approx.  7 Days      Depending on Package Size                 S&H   $65.00 - $95.00
Fed-Ex   &  UPS  ,  ARE NO LONGER SHIPPING OPTIONS .                    
( Customs Form will reflect the True Retail Value of  the Order less Shipping & Handling Cost )

Please contact me by phone, or E-mail before returning an item for exchange or repair.  There will be no Charge for
exchange of equal Value parts , but there will be charges for replacement parts, or repair labor . If I am unable to make
the required repair, the item will be returned at no charge.

For any type of return ;
There will be a return Restocking Charge of 8% ( Please Return Parts in a Box Not a Envelope )

ORDER CANCELLATIONS ( after Payment is made )
I must be Notified before Parts are Shipped ; By Phone or E-Mail , with Time to confirm Your Order Cancellation.  And
there will be a 15% Restocking Fee.  The Order will be held till I receive Your Confirmation of this Notice. If You still wish
to Cancel the Order the Balance of the Refund will be made in the same way Payment was received . ( Check , Money
Order , or Pay Pal )

Any defective item can be returned for a refund or exchange.  Please call, or E-mail me before returning the item.
Defective items will only be refunded or replaced if done within 30 days of  purchase.  

Prices are subject to change without notice.

We reserve the right to refuse to do business with any individual or other business at our discretion.

Product Brands , Descriptions , and Specifications , are subject to change without notice. If a Description is incorrect on
any part or Specification please let me know so I can make the correction.
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