NEW . 25 Gram Cricket Servo Out put Receiver

Cricket™ Receivers use Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum protocols in the 900MHz ISM band.  
This enables many of them to be used at the same time without concern for being shot down,
without any frequency control boards.   
 ( With single Antenna lead )

Benefits :

Freedom from frequency control – just switch on and fly without concern for interaction with other
Fly up to 20 planes simultaneously
Multi-channel operation with high resolution fully proportional control
Excellent immunity from radio interference

Specifications :

900 Mhz Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Full Hip-Hop™ protocol
Range:  approx 300 feet
4 Fully proportional channels
Servo Output Receiver has ,  Brushed Motor & Brushless Motor Outputs
On-board 2 AMP motor ESC, for Brushed motors
Out put for  brushless motor ESC
Resolution 64 steps each side of neutral , and 64 steps of throttle
Frame rate 30 fps
Dimensions   10 mm x 18 mm x 1.5mm
Weight  Only  .25 gm

( Available also ; Actuator  Receiver for ( 3 ) 150 Ohm Actuators &  2 Amp Brushed Motor Output )

This Receiver has been developed through the efforts of Martin Newell & Nick Leichty.


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